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Olivia's Cause


What People Are Saying

Olivia receives lots of emails and comments from people who are inspired by her story. Here are some of them:

Shelby wrote:

"I admire you.. u came to my middle school last year and i just totally loved it :D ♥"

Travis wrote:

"You were a guest speaker at my school, loll and youre really pretty and i wish we knew each other better! :)"

Shelby Lynn wrote:

"heyy olivia i just wanna say thanks for commin to my school you were amazing . ur really pretty and nice even tho i only talked to you once . but you could help alot of people with who are and how confident you are (: thanks tho"

Mack wrote:

"Hey Olivia I watch the music video you made almost every night. You rock and dont let anyone else tell you otherwise!"

Ciara wrote:

"by the wat at the convo u said u didnt get why people thought u were so great, well its because u inspire kids to be themselves. everyone loved your speech including me ! your the most inspiring convo ive ever had"

Lindsey Sue wrote:

"U r so inspiring u came to my school today I wish we had more convos like tht how do u make it talkin in front of crowds I wuld be terrified!"

Allison wrote:

"you r amazing i loved your speach

♥ Allison"

Ashley wrote:

"Your speech was really awesome today when you was at my school:))"

Rachel wrote:

"there need to be more ppl like you in the world !!"

Emily wrote:

"yu came to my school today:) i think yu r really amazing and really pretty:) everyone else like yu should act just the same and go along saying "yeah im bald as yu can tell" and never let people bring yu down:) thankss fur comin:)"

Breana wrote:

"you came to my school today (: ur really amazin and ur really pretty... i never imagined a bald girl that pretty but you are(: thanks fur comin(:

Kayleigh wrote:

"so when u talked to us today well it was sooo inspiring(: ur funny,awesome and amazing! i know we dont know each other but u just keep being u(: i still cant believe you're 14!!! lol and you're so beautiful.....just sayin"

Kaitlin wrote:

"I watch your video whenever I'm feeling down & you make everything seem alright. [: You are great & I ♥ you!"

Shania wrote:

"i cant belive what Olivia said today at Conseco Field House today. The video that they showed really made me cry but that was very inspiring to me and I definitly know that she will always have that sort of confidence when she needs it. Thank you for the great inspiring words today Olivia!!!!"

Kaitlynn wrote:

"Omgg olivaaa when i saw yu at conceo field housee todayy andd u were amazingg(: well i just wantedd to sayy thatt urr really pretty and i lovedd yurr storyyy and im 14 just like u r (: "

Sabrina wrote:

"Oliviaaaaaa (:

I saw youu tooday < 3

im 14 just like you ,

and it just broke my heart & hurt mee

wheen you was explanning your story /:

But we should talk tome time (:"

Macayla wrote:

"Went To Conseco Fieldhouse Today, And We Listened To People Talk About Bulling , May I Say , I Loved Wat Oliva, Had To Say, And Her Story (: And I'm Sure ALOT Of Other People Did To (: , Thx Olivia , And I Love Your Music Video, Every One Is Unique (:"

Jacob wrote:

"Truth is you did a convocation at my school and I respect how you make the most of life! You seem really cool :)"